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"Your work is commendable and noble. It is through small organization and good people that the world is changing."

Wahid Omar
Director of Education

Facts on Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country of ancient culture and civilization. They are a gracious and hospitable people.

Afghanistan was a historical crossroad of land travel and commerce between East and West Asia (modern China and India) the Mid-East and Europe

Afghanistan has been attacked for over 20 years.

It is a country of mostly mountains, with large areas of desert and a few fertile valleys where most of their food is grown.

Warring enemy groups put explosive land mines in many fields of these valleys making them unusable for growing food.

Quilts at the
Women's Center



Afghanistan Read more...Kabul, Afghanistan

Thank you, from children in Afghanistan.

Letter from a High School student from Afghanistan, March - 2002

Dear Kids of USA,
Hello Dears. We received your letters and quilts. Thank you so much. We are very sorry for what happened September 11th in your beautiful country. As you might know that the same thing repeatedly happened in our country for more than twenty years. We have lost our parents, our brothers, sisters. Bloody twenty years war killed thousands of our people, among them, mostly children. Please accept our greetings and please do not forget us. We are with you.

Sincerely Yours,

Inauguration at the Trauma Center
Amina, recipient of a quilt at the Trauma Center
Girls High School
recipient of quilts



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