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"Very beautiful pictures.  Looks like your project has traveled far. i've been researching about colonialism in Africa for a few hours... the quilts remind me that American goods in Africa can be good."
-an UNCA student

Summer 2005 - Quilts are sent to a clinic in Umtata that takes care of the poorest of the poor and The House of Resurrection Haven, an orphanage in the Eastern Cape Region - Port Elizabeth,
SouthAfrica. Read the testimonial.

From Mercy High, San Francisco, California to Soweto, South Africa:

Eli Gifford's class quilt, Mesa High, Santa Rosa, California was sent to  South Africa.

Sent quilts to an orphanage in Zambia to children with AIDS. Distributed them at a site for HIV/AIDs orphans who spend their days at the school and live in extended families, usually with grandmothers.


"Children are the key to the elimination of conflict."

 - Romeo Dallaire
Two star general in the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda, 1994, witnessed the death of 800,000 people in the genocidal conflict.












Quilts were taken to Soweto, South Africa in April 2004.

See the Mercy High link on the left of this page.

Dana, Burkino Faso

Quilts were taken to a village in Burkino Faso, December 2002.

Lusaka, Zambia

The kids at Mother Teresa's Children home loved watching wildlife videos--one on Chimps and another one on Lions. A letter came back from the kids thanking everyone for the quilts.

Photo by Mwana Bermudes



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