January 2007 


This year, over 100 quilts have been sent  to children in Afghanistan.  If you would like to help, please contact us.  Please send a donation to help with shipping.

"Thank you Judith.
We appreciate what you are doing to make such a personal connection between the Afghan and American cultures especially between the children. The artwork of the children is heart warming and says more than words could -a strong message of peace and friendship is there and sewn into each blanket. Thanks for keeping our students warm with the blankets your organization sent.
Best wishes,

Marsha MacColl




Silence filled the room as Ms. Meeker read stories about quilts, fictional stories, the children loved, of quilts being made. They had just finished drawing their quilt blocks to make quilts themselves. However, before Ms. Meeker would finish her story time, she opened her own book of quilt stories and photos. Stories that were not fiction. One picture held the children spell bound. it was a story of a nurse Kima Douglas, who took quilts to children living off of the trash heaps of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was a story of children living near an Aids Clinic. This child held his quilt tightly wrapped around himself.  The silence in the room was palpable. It was a story the children would long remember, glad that their quilts would travel the world to another child, and bring comfort to them.



Update: Eleven quilts were created by  students at McDowell. Quilts will be part of 50 quilts sent to Ghana and children freed from slavery in collaboration with:







 Dalit students make quilts for More than Warmth at the SWAP TRUST orphanage, Coimbatore INDIA. 

To help buy sewing machines for the woman's sewing center write info@morethanwarmth

Subject-attn: Prof. Rajan.  








Thank you Mwana Bermudes and Nelda Villines for delivering quilts to Swaziland and Zambia for four years now. Your photographs add tremendously to teaching children here about others around the world.  


Girl Scouts in Georgia made a beautiful quilt that  went to Iraq.

                Thank you. 





Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there. Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means; through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways. 

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Dear Friends and Family,

       Thank you for your support. In gratitude, I reflect on five years of working with many students of all ages and asking them to open their hearts. We have enjoyed the support of hundreds of people around the world, taking quilts, making quilts, receiving quilts, printing articles, and helping us put up exhibits. Many teachers have welcomed me into their classroom. Many people have made quilts themselves around the country, even the world.

 As we begin a new year, I remember making our first quilt squares five years ago. I was looking at the sign on my classroom wall, "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You"

    "Thousands of people are freezing in Afghanistan, after over 20 years of war. Do you want to make them a quilt? "YES!" was their overwhelming reply. 

These first quilts were sent with Global Exchange and Medea Benjamin with the help of Linda Speel, in Petaluma, California, director of Peaceroots Alliance www.peaceroots.org, and opened a Friendship Center in Kabul University six weeks later. Our letters were read to local children, and then the quilts were given away.  We didn't know that we were More than Warmth, then. We knew that the students were learning to open their hearts. We learned that we were giving hope to others. We learned that students were learning to make a difference. 


Since then, over 900 quilts have been sent around the world from over 8000 students of all ages. We have sent quilts to over 35 countries, making many friends. These quilts travel around the world and into the hearts and hands od someone in need of hope and love. They are a gift from all of us. They link hands and heal hearts.  This would not have been possible without you.

Thank you. 

Judith Biondo Meeker
Founder director
More than Warmth






                       -Gerard Equakun, age 5


Dear Friends,

          We hope you like the quilt. All the pictures are home-made. We hope you feel warmer with this.  

                              Your Friend, 




Dear Friends,

         I hope you like the quilt as much as I liked making it.

                        Your Friend,

                         Marissa K.  




Dear Friend,

         I hope that our quilt makes you feel loved. Even though I have never met you, I want you to be my pen pal. I 'm sure that at night you will sleep soundly as a baby knowing that you are loved. I hope you love the blanket.





    Thank you Angel quilters in         Australia for sending quilts and baby clothes to mothers and babies in Tibet. 



  Thank you Judith Dodge for your dedication, Jeanne Kahan for the web site, and the Sew Delightful, Dickson quilters, whose motto is Quilting without Borders, and who donated 17 quilts and many tops for the last shipment to Ghana. 




Dear Judith,

We cannot thank you enough

for your gifts of Warmth.

We were so thrilled to give

these beautiful handmade quilts

to the rural poor children.

The look on their faces

was priceless!

We look forward to continue

the circle of giving.


With many blessings,

 Arlene M. Samen
founder director


Linda Speel, and granddaughter Anwyn Joy Evans have made numerous quilt squares together. Here they are presenting a quilt to Global Exchange delegate Sanaz Meshinpour going to an Iraqi refugee camp.


Linda  has sent dozens of quilts with Global Exchange, Mid East Children's Alliance (MECA),  and other groups based in California AND our first one's to Afghanistan.  Contact Linda at: linda@peaceroots.org



Dear Linda,

Thank you so much for contacting me about this. I would love to take some of your quilts on our delegation. Actually we are meeting with a children's charity organization and a school for Iraqi refugees, so both of those meetings will give us a chance to donate your quilts to the school, or to individual families.

Best Regards,
Sanaz Meshinpour
Middle east Coordinator
Global Exchange.




Linda Hlady presents a quilt to Faiza Alaraji, in Santa Rosa California. As Faiza toured the US, telling people about the war in Iraq, she told Linda that the quilt gave her hope for her country.


Dear Linda,

My youngest son is in the high school.

I will ask him take the quilt to the school to let his friends see how beautiful is it.

Yes, it will stay as symbol for peace between Iraqi and American people.

all my love

Faiza Alaraji




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