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                     July   2007




Greetings and Love Family!

It has been some time since I last sent out an email and I want to let you all know I am in good health and feeling strong after nearly 6 wonderful challenging months in West Africa.

Today is my last day here. I am now in Accra with my sister Sofia. This past Sunday she and I went together to a shelter for children freed from slavery. We carried with us a sack full of beautiful quilts from More than Warmth, and a drum.

The Quilts had drawings of Love and peace created by school children, in the US. The Children at this shelter are rescued from fishing villages in around Akasombvo, a huge lake in Ghana, where they are made to work as captives of fishermen. The Organization locates them, secures their release, identifies them, and after six weeks in the shelter they are reunited with there families. They and their parents are also educated on how to protect the children from slavery in the future. It is an incredibly difficult and complex process.

After we arrived and met the staff, the children were gathered in a classroom where the social workers explained about who we were and where the Quilts came from. Following that Sofia and I each spoke briefly and then formally presented the Quilts to the organization Free the Slaves
( We were able to give a quilt to each of the 31 children there.

They will keep and use the quilts they received as long as they are in the shelter and then will leave them behind for the next group of children that comes. After they each got a quilt (wrapping themselves in a variety of fashions) we went outside to take pictures and finally had a nice outdoor dance party with the djembe drum. All the children danced and sang. I especially liked it when theywould do the funky chicken dance.

With good byes, thank yous, and a promise to stay connected, Sofia and I left. I can feel you each as I share these experiences, and I am thankful to have this outlet. I Love you all.

Stay Strong


  Kevin Bales, Free the Slaves founder and president, will be featured in
Prime Time Live on Tuesday, July 31, at 8:30 pm on ABC.
Ending Slavery,  coming out in
September, is Kevin's latest book.
FTS is working on getting a bill passed to establish a Congressional Commission on the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery (H.R. 2522) 

Hi Judy,

Hope all is well with you. I am heading back to Iraq on Tuesday...I know this is very very last minute notice - and I would love to take some quilts with me. I will be seeing Iraqi refugees in both Amman and Syria.  You would have to over night them. My flight does not leave until close to midnight Tuesday so if they came by 4pm or thereabouts I'd take them along. Love!


We had a miracle. They - the folks at the PO - told me the blankets were up in Albany (check out a map fopr a good laugh) and would not be in New Paltz until Wed. I explained to them the situation - I was leaving for Iraq Tuesday - and asked them to "return to sender." I was about to leave at 4:30PM and they called me to say the blankets would be in NP by 5. I went to the NP PO and waited until 5:20 and FINALLY the truck arrived! They handed me the boxes directly from the truck with a big cheer and I am in Amman right now with blankets in hand.

This world works in mysterious ways - and anything can be accomplished if more than one is willing!

Big kisses and many many hugs.

Will send you pics when I get them.



Lorna Tychostup

More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about word cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge and compassion among cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.


Quilts have been made and sent as gifts since 2001 to:









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USA-Katrina Victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Orleans


Genocide Victims in

Sudan and Chad

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Indian Country-USA





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Hi, Judy- I thought that you might enjoy these photos.  Each of the 
children has some sort of disability- some as simple to repair as a 
cleft pallet, so they were given up for adoption.  The woman (Laura) has 
adopted 11 Chinese children and also takes care of many street 
children.  I hope to go to an orphanage on Friday.  We are having 
quite an experience. Trina

Our Chinese friends have overwhelmed us with their 
kindness and generosity.  If we say we like something, they go out of 
their way to get us more of whatever it is.  The school visits are very
interesting with lots of 
emphasis on outdoor group exercises despite the heat.   I had 
wanted to visit an orphanage to take the quilts and yesterday, I got 
my wish.  Almost all of the 100 orphans had some sort of abnormality-
Down Syndrome, albino, blindness, etc.  On Monday we leave for 
Tibet.   Hope you are all well. We miss 
you all.  Trina

PS Judy- The visit to the orphanage was sad, but I am glad that I 

Spring, 2007, Trina made quilts with her class, and many other classes in her school, -150 students at Julia Green Elementary, in Nashville.



This summer, Trina delivered 8 quilts to children in homes and orphanages, as a gift in Southern China. Two more of Julia Green quilts went with a Peace Corps worker, Susanne Bennett, to Togo, a new country for More than Warmth.


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