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                    June 2007
afghanistan2006 anil zia photographer
      Kabul, Afghanistan
photo by Anil Zia  
Quilt made by ITOP - International Oasis Teen Program with years of dedication from Jen Garcia, Jonna Laidlow, and many teen volunteers.

  Arline Calderon Vasquez, photographer
Most of the children at the Nicaraguan home are war orphans. Many of them are Miskito Indians, children from the East Coast of Nicaragua where Spanish is hardly spoken. Some children come to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos with no real identity.
Hi Judy,  here is the contact information for the group in Nicaragua
that received the quilts:


These folks were very happy and thankful for the blanket/quilts
from More than Warmth and the 100 hundred dollar donation sent by Karen
and Tomas Heikkala.
Padre William B Watson originally funded the establishment of these
homes for abandoned orphans.

They have three locations, one for very young children and babies,
where these quilts were donated,
in San Jorge, Rivas;  one for adolescents on the island of Ometepe;
  and one in Managua for youth who go on to university studies.
paz y amor,   chuck and casta
Fundación Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos - Nicaragua
address:  Casa Asis
Apdo. Postal 27
Central America



  One winter day, the radio announced: "One hundred and twenty-five people froze to death this weekend in Afghanistan."


We began making quilts in my classroom  in 2001 because people were freezing, thousands of Afghanis dying, as they have every year throughout almost three decades of war. Here is was four years later, and it goes on...

That Monday, I spoke to a group of teenagers with Oasis International Teen outreach-ITOP.
"125 people froze to death this weekend in Afghanistan." 
      However, I was corrected by a high school student:
"No, a thousand did," replied Anil.
""Thousands die every year," I said.
"No, I talked to my cousin  in Kabul, a thousand people died this weekend." 

This past summer, Anil  took the photo of the little girl at the top  left when he visited his family in Kabul. He delivered quilts for us. He graduated from High School this year. Thank you Anil. 

-Judith Biondo Meeker


More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge, and compassion between cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.


Associations:  A non-political, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan Promotes the human rights of the people of Darfur, Sudan and elsewhere in the world  Free the Slaves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending slavery around the world.

Ina May has been teaching nonviolence with birthing techniques for decades.

We seek to create a peaceful, just and sustainable world for future generations by emphasizing our common humanity, promoting non-violence, and working to remove the root causes of war.

Alternative government organization...In all fairness there is more than enough to go around...


  quilt heart

Thank you to the TESOL conference of Tennessee, AmeriCorps of North Carolina, and the Tennessee Arts Commission /Value Plus teachers across Tennessee, for allowing me to speak and hold workshops at their events this spring. Oasis staff and The National & Global Youth Service Day volunteers at Hillsboro H.S.for making dozens of  quilt tops, and working with hundreds of students!


We have made lots of beautiful quilts, together, that will be sent around the world to many children in need. But more importantly, we have learned to care more, to think more and to help more. 


 Students at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Princeton, NJ made quilts for Afghanistan with teacher and author Meg Cox

quilt carried by Afghans4tomorrow



 Quilt made by Carla Musik-teacher and third graders at Cali Calmecac School, Windsor, CA for Iraqi children. This quilt was presented from Peaceroots Alliance Kathy Kelly will be taking this quilt and others to Jordan to Iraqi refugees.

Dear Friends,

       These are the flowers that grow in my yard. They bring us great happiness, and I hope they bring you joy, too.

       We think about you, & know who you are. Thank you for accepting these flowers. 

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