March 2007

 Najib Sedeque photographer and member of Afghan's 4Tomorrow



Dear Judith,
I received the attached photo last week from  Najib in Kabul. He has been super busy with a large distribution to many refugees in or near Kabul and in some other rural areas.. We posted this photo on our website. See "view photos" at

under a photo from our recent distributions on the home page. We've been very sad by the stories about children freezing to death from the cold and harsh weather in Afghanistan. Your blankets have come in very handy this winter and we're glad you've sent all you did last year for Najib to distribute. THANK YOU FROM A4T!  We are raising money to buy blankets this winter, as shipping takes a
long while... We've also been collecting blankets, and warm clothing. We've purchased over 160 blankets in Kabul so far and shipped some boxes. We have more to ship and are trying to get a sponsor to ship them to a domestic APO address who can deliver them to Kabul in a week or two...

I'm trying to get my plans together to go to Afghanistan in mid
March... to help in the schools, teach English or whatever they need.... Thanks for all you and your volunteers are doing to help ease the suffering
of the children, and women in countries of the world where there's such poverty. You bring many smiles to their faces which I can see from your photos. Thanks for the great news-page! Best regards,
Marsha MacColl
Vice President, Afghans4Tomorrow


Aqua Prieta~Mexico

Photo by Judy Gerboth and friends~  Arizona quilters. 

Judy and her quilting friends have donated 150 quilts, many going across the border to Mexico to help those suffering economic hardship. 

Michael O Gorman and Monica of Delcabo Organic Farms, Baja, California help distribute 25 quilts made by Memphis artist and Tennessee Artist in Residence Judith Diekas, and many students.

baghdad orphanage 2002

      Baghdad Orphanage 2002

photo donated by Alan Pogue


Quilt donated by the Peaceroots Alliance and More than Warmth quilters, West coast.


Kajal is arriving in Nashville from India on March 28th for eye surgery from Allahabad, India (see February  MTW newsletter), thanks to Dr Wang (, and Ashley Rogers.  Dr. Wang is hoping for someone to adopt Kajal. 


Celebrated in California as a day to volunteer, performing social service, Cesar Chavez Day is March 31 en celebration of his work, his birthday, and his life.

"Do we feel deeply enough the pain of those who must work in the fields everyday with these poisons? Or the anguish of the families that have lost loved ones to cancer? Or the heartache of the parents who fear for the lives of their children? Who are raising children with deformities? Who angonize the outcome of their pregnancies?... Do we feel their pain enough?
-Cesar Chavez, 1989

"All farmers of the world share the unique privilege and the daunting responsibility of making sure everyone is fed and the land is protected to feed the future generations.

We come from different political, religious and social backgrounds but share a common concern that this great country of ours, founded by small farmers and craftsmen, return to the spirit and ideals on which we were founded.

We strive for a world that reduces the risk of war by eliminating its causes poverty, injustice and religious intolerance."


-Michael O Gorman co-chair farms not arms


More than Warmth (Más que calor) es un proyecto educativo para estudiantes de todas edades para aprender sobre culturas del mundo. Fomenta la comprensión, el conocimiento, y la compasión entre culturas por medios no violentas, no políticos y no religiosos.


More Than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge, and compassion between cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.

MTW Associations:  A non-political, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan Promotes the human rights of the people of Darfur, Sudan and elsewhere in the world  Free the Slaves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending slavery around the world.

We seek to create a peaceful, just and sustainable world for future generations by emphasizing our common humanity, promoting non-violence, and working to remove the root causes of war.

Alternative government organization...In all fairness there is more than enough to go around...

Exhibit follows quilts from Tennessee to Tibet, and beyond
 By Theresa Laurence

Making a quilt involves more than just drawing and stitching.



Monday, 02/26/07 Kids help create quilts to spread global love 

By Courtney Drake ... The Tennessean



                              Tennessee Arts Commission TAG Gallery

More Than Warmth
Februrary 22, 2007 - March 23, 2007



 "We must be agents of change."                                                         -James Lawson
(-minister, agent of social justice and social change,
preacher of nonviolence.)


         Women wanting Peace in Iran join Code Pink and graciously accept our gift. 


        Photo by Nelda Villines, delivery by Mwana Bermudes 

                                 Swaziland  Africa


February 13, 2007
Dear Ms. Judy Meeker,
We are Peace Corps Volunteers living and working in the rural community of Ngcina, Swaziland in Africa. The focus of our program herein Swaziland is HIV/AIDS education, prevention and impact mitigation. On February 8, 2007, we held as "orphans and Vulnerable Children's Day" for our community. We had over 100 orphans and their caretakers attend the event. Because of the generous donation by More than Warmth we were able to supply 6 orphans and their caretakers with your beautiful quilts.  Along with the joy of the children who received these donations we were also able to take advantage of the gathering for the purpose of providing a lesson on HIV/Aids and general health to the children! We wanted to extend our greatest appreciation and heartfelt thanks. I hope you enjoy the enclosed pictures that some of the children from our community have drawn for you.
Thank you,
Jerome and Amy Mayer
Peace Corps Volunteers


  Quilt from Aquinas College  Multicultural Literature Class

 Nashville to Fallujuh, IRAQ  with Women for Peace~ Code Pink  

This small Catholic college opened their hearts to the people of Fallujah.  They drew beautiful pictures, beautiful messages of peace.


  One student, a young mother, married to a Serbian man, held her baby in her arms, and listened intensely about how I learned of Depleted Uranium bombs, a few years ago from the nightly news. "Americans keep your dirty bombs," said the sign from Bosnia. What is a dirty bomb? I didn't know. 


As this young mother looked at me intently, her four month old smiled at me. No, no one wants our dirty radiated bombs.


This class gave me  hope.  I saw compassion in their eyes. I saw open minds. For this I am hopeful. For this, I am thankful.


Agents of change... to help create a better world.


Judith Biondo Meeker



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