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                                                                                                                           April/ May 2007

 Sue Youngsoon Kinsler with children


Dear Starr,


Here are pictures of your quilts being delivered to the Hwanghae Provincial orphanage in Sariwon, North Korea by my wife Sue Youngsoon Kinsler in February. Thank you for sending the Peace Quilts and we pray God's blessings on those that made them. Today in Korea it is very cold again and we feel for those who are cold and hungary in North Korea.Thanksfully it looks as though more government help will be going there in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Arthur W. Kinsler

Teacher Starr Herganrather and Analy High School drama class, in Sebastopol, California, have made quilts numerous times,as well as raise funds  for MTW.

~Thank You all.


    Casta Herrin delivers quilt

Abintra Montessori in

Nashville, Tennessee sent a quilt with Plenty International representatives Casta and Chuck Herrin to Nicaragua to teach soy technolgogy, and high protein nutrition.


Hola Judy,

I just got back last night from Nicaragua.  This past Saturday we donated
two of the More Than Warmth quilts to a home for very young orphaned
children in San Jorge Nicaragua.  Casta's Sister, Arline, will be returning there to meet more with there staff and take more pictures.  I will get the name of the organization and numbers of children they work with asap.

paz y amor,   chuck

Salma shook in my arms as she hugged and thanked us for her quilt. Later, Jessica Reitz from Free the Slaves told me Salma touched  every picture in the quilt, and then took it to her son, the last child to be freed from slavery. The last child of a family enslaved for generations. Salma's quilt was given to me that same day from Connie Hunter from California, made by her family and finished with friends from church.

Like her mother and grandmother before her, Salma Mint Saloum was a slave in Mauritania.



This week the students at Highland Elementary School in Columbia , Tennessee saw their quilt square in the picture from One H.E. A. R. T.  in the quilt from Tibet. This was their fourth year participating in the MTW project. We tell the students that they are all part of the of the More than Warmth project. We also do not ask for anything in return. The quilts are a gift. However, we are occasionally blessed with a photo. The Highland students were more than surprised to see their photos in Tibet, Swaziland, and Louisianna with Katrina victims.




More than Warmth More Than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge, and compassion between cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.


  "Let them solemnly take counsel with each other as to the means whereby the great human family can live in peace, each bearing after their own time the sacred impress, not of Cesar, but of God. " ~ Julia Ward Howe Boston 1870


As Julia proposed the enactment of a Mother's Day as a day dedicated to the study of  nonviolence I thought posting the book list for James Lawson's classes on nonviolence at Vanderbilt University might be of interest in continuing our education in this matter. If you would like a longer list, please email me.

A Force More Powerful by Peter Ackerman and Jack Duvall


The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started

It by Jo Ann Robinson


The Children by David Halberstam 


The Politics of Nonviolence Action part one, two and three

by Gene Sharp


Freedom's Daughters by Lynn Olson

The Beloved Community by Charles Marsh 



Associations: A non-political, humanitarian organization dedicated to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan Promotes the human rights of the people of Darfur, Sudan and elsewhere in the world  Free the Slaves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending slavery around the world.

We seek to create a peaceful, just and sustainable world for future generations by emphasizing our common humanity, promoting non-violence, and working to remove the root causes of war.

Alternative government organization...In all fairness there is more than enough to go around...

Ina May has been teaching nonviolence with birthing techniques for decades.






More than Warmth-by Kathryn Hutchens (February 2003)


Each one lays down her square. Each one lays down her heart. Every stitch is a prayer. Love makes one thing out of the parts. 



More than Warmth

We need to let you  know we care.


More than Warmth -That we are working for peace here.


More than Warmth -Sending blankets, not bombs.


More than Warmth 

-May our love keep you more than warm.


We put our hearts in our hands.

We speak of love and not war. One small way to take a stand, though we know we must find more.




You are not the enemy. And though you live in far off places.

We are all one family. We see our children in your faces. 



Each one lays down her square,

knowing the work is not done. There is so much love to share, when every child is your own.




Thank you Kathryn. May your love keep us more than warm.  May26, 1949-April 8, 2006

 In sorrow


Dear Judith,

My mother, Susan Milliner, recently passed away after fighting cancer
for several months. She was very much involved in your More Than Warmth
Project, working with local children through her public library, elementary
schools, girl scout troops etc. In going through her mountains of quilting
supplies and beautiful fabrics I came across a completed quilt that she intended
to be sent to you as well as several unfinished quilts (quilt blocks) and supplies. I intend to send these items to you; however, she was in the
practice of completing the quilts herself so that the children that
made the blocks could see their work on display before she sent the quilt to
you. Do you know of anyone else in or near Cedar Park, Texas (Austin area) that
is involved in your project that might be willing to finish these quilts?
If not, I will go ahead and mail you the blocks and the one completed

Also, the family intends to encourage those wanting to send flowers to
donate to your organization instead. Is the More than Warmth address and
website the best information to provide in her obituary?

Stephanie Morrissette


We are deeply saddened by the news of Susan Milliner. Susan emailed us in 2004 and wanted to make quilts for More than Warmth, and encourage others to do so. Our love goes out to Susan's family, and her many loved ones. Susan delivered quilts herself to hurricane Katrina victims and encouraged More than Warmth to do so, by emailing me my own mission, and also contributed quilts to Alan Pogue with NO More Victims, for a little Iraqi child to  have some comfort with a quilt, while getting surgery.

Susan will be greatly missed, though her love and work will continue in all of us.

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