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         September  2008

Photo By Kima Douglas



Ridgeway High School Quilt, Memphis, Tennessee 

-----Original Message-----From: Mohamed Yahya To: Sent: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 2:46 pm Subject: Fwd: Warning: Terriblely DISTURBING Images: Massacred by GoS in Kalma IDP CampDear Friends, As my friend Suliman Said, don't show these images to the kids. This photos shows thoseRefugees been attacked by the  Sudanese government troops in Kalma refugee camp recently.It is horrible, terrible and unbelievable. Please distribute them, specially for those have access to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. ICC. and US government etc.. Please let's to work heart to stop this tragedy, and hold Al-bashir government a countable, for all these crimes against humanity. Also don't be hesitated to sent strong message, to all pro Al- bashir regime..who are backing him and his government by all means. Specially China government,Russia, Arab League, AU Leaders and others. It is a shame on them to support such fascist and barbaric regime. Long live our solidarity.  Thank you.  Mohamed Yahya.


More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge and compassion among cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.





3909 Whitland #104

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Please email before sending quilt squares or quilts.


Since 2001, 13,000 students have made quilts that have been sent to:


Afghanistan, Iraq Iran India ,Pakistan Israelis and Palestinians, Jordan, Syria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Swaziland, South Africa, Mauritania, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya,

The Democratic Republic of Congo, Togo, Niger, Uganda,   Chinese and Tibetans,  Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand,

USA-Katrina Victims in Louisiana, Mississippi,

And New Orleans

Genocide Victims

in Sudan,Chad, Rwanda, and Indian Country-USA

Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Romania Nicaragua, Belize,  Bolivia,  Colombia, Venezuela, Ireland, North Korea St.Thomas and the Virgin Islands


 Dear Judith,

 It is so hard to come back to all that I have knowing all they don't have. It is hard to look at acres of grave stones all HIV patients it is hard to know that they are doing stupid  things like not giving there patients ARVs till there Tcells are at 200 all to save money especially when they are the biggest Gold and diamond fields... There is so much that is hard. I bless the work you guys do making all the quilts the joy you bring is immense. Blessings to you and all the children who care so beautifully. Love and more kima


Dear Kima, thank you for going to be with the children, for delivering quilts, and for caring so much. You honor our humble efforts. 




Dearest Mohamed,

        Just when I wonder if I can keep up and going, you send me  images of people with their bodies torn open from some unearthly weapons in Sudan.  I am reminded of the pain and suffering people are going through. Thank you. I am so sorry for your people.  For all of our people. The photos are inhuman. It is a war that does not seem to count, added to the list of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Open flesh . . . huge holes... bodies torn wide open. On September 11, 2008 I made quilts with 17 -4th graders in my school, Ms Lawless's class. These children live in the projects. They live near "Dodge City." They live in violence. They live where most people do not choose to go near, from fear. They were the kindest, most well mannered students I have ever had. And I have worked with thousands in the last 7 years. We talked about war, poverty and disease. We talked about the heart quilt made from Starr Herganrather's summer camp project. We talked about how Judy took that heart quilt to Jamaica to help teach the power of love over violence."And when I said, ..."and that is what we need to do isn't it? ...teach the power of love over violence. " they all nodded.  Thank you Mohamed. For reminding me that we must continue on. We must have hope. We must teach nonviolence and stop the senseless violence. I am so sorry. 

Love, Judith Biondo Meeker


Dear Judy:

Lest you think that the More Than Warmth Quilts project is dead here in AZ, I want to up-date you.

We have now made more than 300 of the smaller "snuggle" quilts (45"x 56") and they have gone to a couple of African nations as well as Mexico and some of the Indian areas in AZ.  They have also gone to some of the domestic violence shelters around the Phoenix area as well as to children in the barrio around Wesley Community Center in Phoenix.

Five quilts went to the "Give Ye Them to Eat" project in Central Mexico in November of 07, three went with a medical mission group to Kenya in January 08 and eight went with the "Mending the Souls" mission group in July to the Congo.  Everywhere they have gone, they have been very well received.

As a note of interest, the quilts travelling to the Congo served the members of the mission team before they were distributed.  The Team had to be flown from place to place in small ariplanes and it was COLD so the person carrying the quilts to Africa got them out and the team members snuggled into them on those plane rides.

Right now I have 12 quilts which were returned to me without notes, so we will have a Love Note writing session at our next Circle meeting.  I don't want to distribute the quilts without the notes!

I enjoy getting the newsletters on e-mail.  

Love to you and yours,
Judy Gerboth

Thank you Judy, and to all who have been helping lately and ever before. We have been working on these quilts for almost 7 years now. I know they bring some warmth, (three boxes just went off to Afghanistan) but they also bring hope, and they give us hope. Hope that springs from the eyes and hearts of the children making them. Thanks for joining us and helping as well. It could not be done with out all your help.

Thank you all

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