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                                     June 2010
Zambia~Mark Friedbauer's Photos - Seko House

 Dear Judith,
I  wish to give you an update on Kondwa Day Centre for Orphans.
  As much as we know that we cannot help all the children in our community, we believe that if we can help one or two, we would make a difference. One project is
a live-in house for the most traumatized school going girl child.  This house is for 10 girls between the ages 8 to  13years. The  house is called Seko, which means laughter. 
 Since at Kondwa Centre we offer Early Learning, we have now opened our own Primary School. The school is called PaKachele. This is a local tree with huge branches and very small fruits which are very sweet. It is in the family of the fig tree. The tree is a haven for birds and gives very cool shade to people. We hope our school will be a haven for the needy children and provide them with peace of mind knowing that they also have a chance to access education. 
My appeal is, is it possible for you to remember us with some more quilts for these new children?
Thank you. 
 Angela Malik 

                      Sudan- photo by Nelda Villenas 
Quilts made at Wharton Elementary School
Abintra Montessori, Kindergarten and fourth and Jr. high students

Gaza today is a sad city, all its children, women and men are traumatized while we are under the siege and the occupation, but amidst the daily details of life’s difficulties under occupation we promise you that together with your solidarity we will continue our steadfastness, struggle and work for peace and justice  
From Gaza with love
Mona Elfarra

          Sudan-photo by Nelda Villenas

Here are two wonderful pix of your quilts in Gaza.  Gael Murphy, one of the cofounders of Code Pink is presenting one with a school child, and the other one is with Ann Wright, Medea Benjamin and me along with one of the librarians.

This one was presented in a state of the art library.  The purpose of the trip was to provide support to the children and children's organizations in Gaza: exert pressure on U.S. , Egyptian and Israeli governments to lift the blockade and promote peace, reconstruction, and human rights in the region.   
Contributions may be made through the web site www.womensaynotowar.org.  

Hi Judith!!!      This is Melissa Sweeney from Frederick Nerge Elementary school.  We have all been hard at work on our multicultural quilt project.  This wound up to be such a truly amazing project overall and involved an ENTIRE community of people (students, staff members, parents, and volunteers from the community such as church groups, high school students, etc). {Over 800 students} At completion, we have a total of 26 quilts.  16 different countries were chosen for the quilts to be sent to.  The children learned a lot and were able to write letters to go along with the quilts. There are pictures of our staff quilting bee...when teachers got together to iron and sew the top parts of the quilts (parents did as well).  We had a school fundraiser called "Quarters for Quilts" and raised over 1,000 dollars for materials and a giant display to permanently stay in our building so it will always be remembered for years to come. I hope you enjoy! Thank you for the inspiration for such a spectacular service project.  It will be forever remembered.  
Take care,
Melissa Sweeney  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                               Schaumburg School District 54 Frederick Nerge Elementary Third Grade Teacher

Students receive quilts and are inspired by quilt to make more quilts.
This is the quilt our friend Dawn is using as inspiration is an Indian "middle" school. These children with their families are living on the edge. The area they live in adds to this b/c they are so exposed to the elements where they could lose everything they have at a moment's notice. There is little protection from the oncoming storms because of the loss of the wetlands and an inadequate levee system, plus the ever increasing intensity of storms. We are so blessed this year we had no hurricanes heading in this direction.
Dawn has talked about passing this quilt onto some of the other schools in a similar situation.
Since I've been working here following Katrina - I have watched people's wishes come true, including my own sometimes. Well, when I first met Dawn and she was exposed to your quilt project, I saw her wishing very hard for a quilt she could use as an inspiration. Then this quilt appeared and I knew it was the quilt Dawn had been wishing for. It was an impossibility to separate Dawn from the quilt - it was love at first sight. Thanks Judy!
Elaine Langley and http://www.plenty.org ~
Humanitarian aid in the gulf of Mexico since Katrina
29 quilts were sent to Haiti through Elaine

Frederick Nerge Elementary School Quilt with OAKLAWN SCHOOL Jr. High quilters~ Houma, Louisiana make quilts for Haiti
      More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge and compassion among cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.  
Since 2001, quilts have been  sent as gifts from students  to: 
Afghanistan~Iraq~Iran~India~Pakistan~Israelis and Palestinians~Jordan~Syria~Angola~BurkinoFaso~Zambia~
Swaziland~South Africa~Mauritania~Guinea~Ghana~Uganda~Niger~China~Tibetans~Nepal ~Vietnam~Thailand
 North Korea~USA-Katrina Victimsin Louisiana, Mississippi and New Orleans~Haiti~Cuba~Mexico~
El Salvador~Guatemala~Honduras ~Nicaragua ~Venezuela~Ireland ~Romania ~Togo~St.Thomas Virgin Islands
Genocide Victims in Sudan~Chad~Rwanda, and Native Americans-USA

c/o Judith B. Meeker
3909 Whitland #104
Nashville,TN 37205  
110 5th Rd.
Summertown, TN 38483

Please email before sending quilt squares or quilts.  

Judith Biondo Meeker                                                                           
More than Warmth | 110 Fifth Road | Summertown, Tennessee 38483
615-975-3880 | info@morethanwarmth.org | www.morethanwarmth.org

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