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             Zambia - November, 2012
In 2002, Mwana Bermudes wrote from Zambia and asked if he could help our project. I honestly didn't know how Mwana could help. At that point we had sent a dozen quilts to Afghanistan, and one to the Ibdaa Cultural Center  to Palestinian children, who were under curfew twenty-four hours a day.  That summer the children in North Nashville wanted their quilts to go to Africa, made of African material. Soon Nelda and Mwana were taking our quilts to Angela, who takes care of many children in a day school. Angela put our quilts on her sick bed. It is an honor to continue this relationship with Angela, and support her work in any way we can. Thank you, Angela, Thank you, Mwana for wanting to help, and forging our way into Africa. We have sent quilts to over 50 countries, including Juma, a new country in South Sudan. Thank you, Nelda.
Hi, Judy, I visited Angela in Lusaka in Oct.  All her projects are doing well!  She is a wonderful, giving, strong African woman!
You probably already have pics of the attached quilt.  Mark, my colleague at the Embassy, gave it to her in 2010, I think.  But I took pics, just in case you didn't get them before.
I'm back in Juba, South Sudan, for a couple of months.  You sent me a quilt to Juba in February, when I was here before.  I hope to visit the family that got that quilt next week.  I'll send you pics, if it works. 
Hope school is going well.
Love, Nelda
This quilt was made by a group of artists from around Tennessee at an artist retreat, provided by the Tennessee Arts Commission. It is a beautiful piece of art, and all were honored to be part of the project. The third square down is a map of Africa, and it was quite fitting to send this quilt to Angela, in Zambia. I believe it was sent last year, 2011, after the quilt was exhibited at Opryland hotel, at a quilt show, and was shown to various schools, as part of the More than Warmth quilt making project.
In gratitude I thank all that have supported this effort to teach open hearted efforts to reach others,in the United States and around the world, to show we care.
More than Warmth is an educational project for students of all ages to learn about world cultures. It fosters understanding, knowledge and compassion among cultures through nonviolent, nonpolitical, and nonreligious means.

"More than Warmth" (Más que calor) es un proyecto educativo para estudiantes de todas edades para aprender sobre culturas del mundo. Fomenta la comprensión, el conocimiento, y la compasión entre culturas por medios no violentas, no políticos y no religiosos.
- Judith Biondo Meeker
After November 25, 2012, More than Warmth will have a posting on Sewing with Nancy's Corner program "Embellish Outside the Box," program #2616-2617. Each PBS program determines when they will air the program. Often it is on Saturday mornings. The first quilt shown was given to Palestinians by Rose with Code Pink, another is one of Nelda's quilts in Sudan.
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