Building Hope Caring Compassion

Students from around the country are sending quilts with nondenominational, nonpolitical, and nonviolent letters of hope, friendship and goodwill. The potential for children to reach out to others is limitless.



Students of all ages can participate in this artistic expression of friendship. Every quilt square is accompanied by a letter explaining its meaning. Permanent dye magic markers give children a familiar tool to communicate their feelings.

We begin by having each child draw out a design on paper.
The child is encouraged to keep their drawing free from references to war, political agendas or religion, so that the message of peace and friendship is clear.

Each drawing is surrounded by a colorful cloth border, and sewn into the completed square.
Every quilt square is accompanied by a letter
The squares are turned into finished quilts by a professional quilting service.


Students raise money to cover this expense through bake sales and other fund raising activities.

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