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Cultural Resources

Learning about the suffering of others, caring, and creating change is a heart warming experience that this project facilitates in the classroom. As we work with children of all ages to realize world-wide problems, the students affect change through their art and letters.

Their tangible creations result in physical warmth and further understanding. In essence, students are making a difference in global connections and future ideals. The More Than Warmth project creates a network among children across the world, encouraging compassion, understanding, and hope.





Cultural Resources

Quilts have been sent to the following countries. You can read more about the different area projects from the links below:

Countries Locations
Afghanistan : Kabul

Mazar e Shariff
Burkino Faso (Africa) : Dano
China : He-fei, An-Hui Province

Cuba : Havana--Martin Luther King Center
Gautemala :  

Ghana (Africa) :

India : Puttaparthi


Uttar Pradesh
Iraq : Baghdad


Israel : Bethlehem--Ibdaa Cultural Center

Neve Shalom-al Wahat Salaam

The Rachel Corey Center for Nonviolence
Japan : Sumiyoshi-Cho
Jordan : Al-Husseinyeh
Mexico : Baja California

Huichols--Huichol Center School

Nepal : Pokora--Namaste Children House
Nicaragua : Puerta de Piedra
Romania :  
South Africa (Africa) :


Port Elizabeth--Eastern Cape Region,
The House of Resurrection Haven


Soweto, Cape Town


Sudan (Africa) : Darfur
Swaziland (Africa) : Mbabane
Thailand : Tsunami victims
Tibet :  
United States : Katerina Tent City, Mississippi
Zambia (Africa) : Lusaka

Photo from Modern-Day Slavery Survivor's Quilt Project.

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