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Article—Tennessee Catholic Register

January 17, 2003
Afghan Children Receive 'More Than Warmth'

"During interim week at St.Cecilia Academy, Mrs. Meeker taught students how to make a quilt that would provide "more than warmth" for children in war torn Afghanistan."...

"St. Cecilia freshman Ashley Lassiter said the interim program with Mrs. Meeker helped her to feel more connected with the conflicts in the Middle East.  ' You see the news, and think that things are going on 'over there' and we're not involved. By working on this project, we get involved."

Sophomore Molly McGrew said that she hopes the quilts will help Afghan children" not to have hate for the US. "

"When they receive the quilts and letters, Mc Crew wants the children to "know that we care about them and maybe understand that we're not trying to hurt them."


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